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If you are looking for maximum flexibility and performance in a small utility class welder package, look no further than the PowerARC 140ST from Everlast.   This tiny IGBT inverter welder  features both Stick and DC Lift TIG capability.  It comes with its own carry case and includes the Stick torch with the cable and DINSE style connector,  gas valve TIG torch with cable and DINSE connector and the work clamp.  The welding arc stability isn't sacrificed with this small unit.  The arc quality is on the level of much larger, commercial class machines.   The welder features both auto adaptive Hot start and auto adaptive arc force control in Stick mode and improves welability in with hard to start welding electrodes and in situations where rod sticking can be a problem.   One of the best features the PowerARC 140ST  has to offer is the 120V/240V dual-voltage capability, which allows the unit to go and weld virtually anywhere there is a clean power source available.  Remember: The regulator is optional, so be sure to buy one of our gas regulators if you plan to use it for TIG.