Sign Services

Planning & Design
We will help you navigate the process for creating your sign, including helping to attain permits from local agencies. Our staff is well-versed in graphic design and CAD/CAM to help transform your ideas into reality.
Our Buellton, CA facility is equipped with everything we need to handle virtually any type of project. We also have a network of suppliers that we use to help improve production time and maintain cost efficiency.
Our staff includes experienced sign installation professionals who prioritize safety and adherence to best practices to ensure your sign is installed right.
We stand behind our product and take every measure to ensure your sign is trouble free for many years. When the time comes for repairs due to "wear and tear", we will happily provide you the best after-sales support possible. Even if you did not buy your sign from us, our crew can provide you options for refurbishing and repairing your existing sign.

Coating Services (Cerakote)

While many other shops paint their signs, we use ceramic coating for best longevity and good looks. As a Certified Cerakote Applicator, we also offer this service separately. Our oven can handle small to medium size parts up to 2'x3'x5' in dimension using H-Series and Elite Series products. For C series (air cured) products, we can handle much larger items in our spray booth, i.e. up to 4'x4'x10'. Our goal is to provide you the best coating services possible and want you to be satisfied. We will remedy any noted blemishes or tolerance issues free of charge that are discovered upon delivery. However, we cannot cover against normal wear and tear or damage occurring outside of our control.

Large Format Printing (Up to 24" wide)

Ink Jet Printing 
We can print or scan moderate sized items. Have a drawing or template that you want use scan or make a poster? Blue prints reproduction is available up to ARCH D (24"x36") sizing.
• Color $5 per page
• Black & White $3 per page
• Scanning $1 per page
Die Sublimation Printing (26" x 32" Automatic Heat Press)
• Billed at a time and materials rate.

Cutting & Engraving

Fiber Laser Services (up to 7"x"7" engraved area):
We can work on nearly any type of metal (e.g. Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, etc.), Polymer, Polycarbonate (engraving only). 
CO2 Laser Services (up to 48" x 120" engraved area):
Hardwood, Plywood, MDF, Acrylic, Ceramic, Glass, Foam, Rubber, Paper/Cardstock, Cork, Coir, Leather, Cotton/Felt, Polyester/Nylon
Plasma Cutting (48"x"36" table):

Our capabilities include clean cutting capability for any metal up to 1/2" in thickness.


General Terms & Conditions:

• A free 30 min consultation will be provided to collect requirements and scope in order to provide a job estimate before we begin work.
• A deposit of 10% of the project amount is due before work order begins.
• All work is Time and Materials (T&M) based (billed @15 min increments)
• Initial Setup Fees, including layout, and prep work. $80/hr.
• Laser & Plasma Cycle time ($20 minimum charge). $60/hr.
• Coating and Fabrication Services will be quoted separately on a T&M basis
• Cerakote Services for firearm items are available at a fixed cost and can be ordered at our Skunk Bear Tactical website.
DOJ / Compliance Services
• We are a DOJ Approved Live Scan Operator and certified to roll fingerprints by the CA DOJ and FBI. Schedule a LiveScan Appointment.
• We can perform serial number marking for manufactured or imported firearms. We are a CA licensed firearms dealer with the ATF Manufacturers License (FFL 07). 
• All firearms shipped for engraving must be done through a licensed FFL in your state, using the CA Firearms Licensee Check system. 


 For more information or any questions, please Contact Us.