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Laser Engraving, Signs, & Personalization

We are your one-stop shop for product personalization, branding, and sign making. Our services include laser marking/cutting/engraving, dye-sublimation, coating (Cerakote), plasma cutting, welding, and fabrication. Bring us your project ideas and our dedicated team will help transform them into impressive results.

Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving

Our open frame Fiber laser is able to etch, mark, and deep engrave all metals and many types polymers. From small jewelry, tumblers, to travel cases, we can handle nearly any type of project.

Plasma Cutting

Our plasma CNC machine with water table can process all metals with near laser precision (0.05" kerf). Perfect for cutting signs and any other fabricated items you can imagine.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

We offer Fiber and CO2 laser capabilities to process a wide variety of products and/or materials, including:

• All metal, wood types, glass, ceramic, and stone types.

Acrylic sheets (Plexiglass) and blocks

Rowmark colored acylic panels

• Plastics/polymers/polyester

Foam and rubber

• Knives, cutlery, utensils, coasters, and drinkware (wine glasses, water bottles)

• Jewelry, Firearms, and Knives

• Natural fibers, e.g. leather, cotton, coir (door mats), hemp, cork, and paper

Large Format Printing

We also offer large format color ink-jet and die sublimation printing services including:

Blueprints (up to ARCH D 24"x36"), also scanning.

• Banners (up to 24" wide roll)

• Printed Wood and Aluminum Signs

Chromaluxe, ColorLyte, Duraluxe panels/signs (up to 26" x 32")

• Drinkware, e.g. tumblers, glassware, mugs

• Tags, key chains, and magnets

• Decorations and Ornaments

• Placards, name plates, and Business cards

• Textiles, i.e. polyester, nylon, neoprene

• Phone covers, watch bands, mouse pads