PowerPlasma 25i XTR

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For those looking for the ultimate 120V only plasma cutter with the best cutting performance and portability in the industry, the Everlast PowerPlasma 25i XTR delivers. With a maximum of 25 Amps output, the unit will sever up to 3/8", but also will deliver beautiful cuts right up to 1/4" thick with decent cut speed and low amounts of dross.  With a modern, blow-back style torch the unit avoids the pitfalls of old cheaper High Frequency designs, which include electronic interference and constant maintenance of the High Frequency points.  The unit has a simple front, single knob panel which outlines the expected output capacity on 15A, 20A, and 30A breakers. This acts as a guide to prevent accidental tripping of the breakers, if a 30A breaker isn't available.  This unit is perfect for operating on 4000 Watt Clean Power (5% or less THD) rated 120V generators. 

As far as compressors go, this unit will operate on almost any 20 gallon compressor with moderate cutting.  For heavy cutting, consider a 30 gallon compressor.