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Take a close look. You'll see that inverter-based PowerARC 210STL is designed with the Professional in mind.  But, if you happened to just judge by the price alone, you'd guess that this is a hobby welder.  But you'd be wrong. The all new PowerARC 210STL takes into account nearly 10 years worth of comments and input of pro customers who have purchased the previous PowerARC 200 and 200ST models.  We've taken all that accumlated information and built a better digital DC Stick/TIG welder that meets the common needs we've encountered in our contact with customers and the industry.  During the development process we've tried to surrender nothing in the way of performance and retained the simple design that made the basic PowerARC 200ST a sought-after welder.  The main thing that most professionals continue to look for and demand in a 200 amp class welder is 6010/Cellulosic capability.  And we've retained that feature on the new PowerARC 210STL but have done away with the separate port which required switching the work clamp port to achieve a more forceful arc.  Now, it requires just a simple touch of the button to select 6010/Cellulosic mode.  But we also have added features that improve performance and safety as well.  We now have VRD for work environments that require voltage reduction equipped welders or devices for safety.   On another safety note, we've also added  an Anti-Stick function which makes removing a stuck rod much easier and quicker, reducing the chance of arc flash if the operator lifts his/her helmet to remove the rod.  In the way of performance, the machine now features fully adjustable hot start and arc force.  Previously, on the PowerARC 200ST, these features were controlled by the preset programming of the machine, and not user accessible.  Now the user can completely control the intensity of the action of these features and tailor it to meet his/her welding style and work environment.  While the PowerARC 210STL remains on the top of the podium a solid performing stick welder, we've also elevated the TIG function capability of this unit.  We've added gas solenoid control, which removes the requirement for a gas valve torch.   The welder also features a lift start TIG that is controlled by an optional foot pedal or standard torch switch  (Yes! a Foot pedal is now an option) and a live lift start.  The choice allows greater flexibility where using a foot pedal or torch switch isn't feasible or practical or where table work suits some form of amperage control. With the live lift, the tungsten remains live, and allows the arc to be struck anytime the Tugnsten is touched to the metal.    For added TIG capability, downslope and post flow control have been added along with 2T and 4T torch switch operation options. 

The PowerARC 210STL greatly exceeds the capability of other basic "200" and "210" stick and stick/TIG units on the market when you compare features, price and performance.  If you are the kind of diligent customer to cross check the claims, price and specs of the competitor's similar units, you will see that nothing compares to new PowerARC 210STL.

Features & Benefits: 
  • Stable, Smooth DC ARC for best Stick/TIG welds.
  • IGBT Digital Inverter
  • Built-in Lift TIG and Live Lift
  • E6010 setting for better E6010 and cellulosic rod performance
  • Digital control for precise setting and control of parameters
  • Standard 35 Series DINSE style connectors
  • Adjustable Arc Force Control
  • Adjustable Hot Start
  • VRD and Anti-Stick feature for Stick welding
  • Simple, intuitive layout of controls and features
  • Pedal/2T/4T Control
  • Optional Pedal