Cyclone 140E GMAW

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For well over a decade, Everlast has been of the leading edge of the effort to pioneer the rise of reliable and affordable inverter MIG welders.  The success that the old i-MIG inverter series enjoyed is a thing of legend.  In fact, when we first introduced the inverter based i-MIG 140E, the industry was sent scrambling to figure out what kind of whirlwind had just hit.   While other companies were (and still are)  trying ways to "shoehorn" old, outdated transformer technology into more compact frames to try to compete in the new lightweight 120V, 140A MIG class, Everlast was hard at work to develop a truly new second generation.  Once again, Everlast is leading the way with the introduction of the new "Economy" class of welders.  In honor of the whirlwind storm that was created in the market when the i-MIG series was released, Everlast has once again stirred the dust with the all new Cyclone 140E.  It is one of the most advanced 120V inverter MIG only units available in the market.  And, don't worry, it is still affordable for the budget conscious.   While new Cyclone 140E retains it's budget price, it now includes a PowerSet mode designed easy setup and can be used by both the beginner and professional welder alike.  The unit is rounded out with a new, easy to read LCD screen for those that like to "know" exactly the volt and wire feed speed without having to guess or get "close enough.  This also improves both accuracy and repeatability of settings.   We've kept the portabilty theme with a fresh, good looking design that will allow the customer take the unit anywhere that is needed. And it continues to deliver the same old impressive duty cycle and power that cannot be matched by competing transformer models on the market.

What's Included:

Standard Equipment: 

  • 15 Series MIG Gun with 10 ft. cable
  • Work clamp with cable
  • Ar/CO2 Regulator
  • Spare contact tips
  • Drive Roll V Groove .023"-.030" (Single)