Foam Cutout Template Kit for Custom Cases

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"Measure twice, cut once."

Take the guesswork out of planning your custom case layout. We will provide you printed template with precise interior dimensions for your selected case. Since paper is cheaper than polyurethane foam, we include an extra template so that you get the final layout result that you want.

Each kit is packed in a 3" x 25" poster box and for your convenience will have prepaid postage, for your convenience. Best of all, the kit features a black Sharpie MAGNUM XL Chisel Tip permanent marker. The fat circumference ensures that traced lines are not too wiggly. Also, you can rotate the marker to provide the desired amount of spacing or gap for the traced pattern to determine the tightness of the cutout.

*** Includes a Pre-Paid USPS First Class Package label for return shipping. ***